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Custom, unique projects to fit your design and budget, including fire pits & fireplaces.

A patio is an essential part of outdoor living. You will likely spend many hours with friends and family on your patio. Because of its durability and design versatility, concrete is an excellent paving choice for patios. A concrete patio has numerous benefits when compared to decking and other patio surface options.


Benefits of a Concrete Patio:


  • Highly durable

  • Low-maintenance

  • Adaptable to any style

  • Can be poured in any shape

Concrete Patio Cost:


  • Elaborate - $12-18+ per square foot (borders, saw-cuts and hand-applications)

  • Custom - $10-15+ per square foot (multiple colors and multiple textures)

  • Simple - $6-10 per square foot (one color and one texture)




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