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Adding a FRONT PORCH & ENTRYWAYS to your home or improving an existing one can help create a sense of arrival. Entry porches have their roots all the way back in ancient Rome, where many buildings featured grand porticos that served as a transition from the outdoors into the building. Today porches serve three purposes:

  • They highlight a home's entrance by framing the front door

  • They provide a protected transition where guests can wipe their feet, or leave umbrellas

  • Large porches can be used as a place to spend time with family and friends

When landscaping a yard, WALKWAYS often get overlooked. We concern ourselves with pools, patios, and plant selections, but then we neglect to consider how to connect the different spaces in our yard. By ignoring paths, a garden can become disjointed because of the lack of thought put into the transitions and connections.


Not only do walkways guide people throughout your yard, they can also be used to create a mood or atmosphere. You'll want to start by determining if you are trying to create a formal or informal feeling. Then you'll need to make a number of important decisions regarding shape, dimensions and materials, which can range from simple gravel to decorative stamped concrete. Other factors to consider include your budget, the desired traffic flow, the amount of foot traffic your walkway will receive, and safety.

But there is so much more you may like to consider... DRIVEWAYS, GARAGE FLOOR FINISHES, PLAYGROUND AREAS, TENNIS COURT, PARKING LOTS, and much more. At JS Concrete Construction, we will work with you and make your small and not so small projects a reality.

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